Friday, November 9, 2012

Salt Lake trip!

Emma had a check up so we made a family trip of it.  We were only down for a couple of days and we stayed with aunt Jeane.  Conference was a blast and we enjoyed seeing Alex Boye`

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Our Summer

Cassandra's Senior Recital

                                                     Meeting Devin for the first time!

Cassandra's Graduation!
 Our first Swim meet!
Maryann's beautiful Breststroke that was featured in the local paper!
Catherine being silly!

Emma doing the Brest!  Not her best!
 We never know what Catherine is doing but here she is doing the Freestyle!
 Beautiful Form Maryann No just speed up!!! Rip it from the Core!!!!!!
 As always Catherine loves to pose for the Camera!

 Even though she hates the Butterfly she looks awesome!!!  We had to travel all the way to ketchum a THREE hour drive.  My kids couldn't swim here to save their lives. 
 Kick her behind Maryann!!!
 Love the water in this picture!
 Catherine doing the Back.  July 14, 2012 in Rupert
 Same with Emma!
 Better view!
 I think that my kids are posing instead of concentrating!
 A quick little Birthday party for Thomas.  Five years ago on this same day Maryann was in Gooding and John was at scout camp when Thomas decided to drive all the way out to Declo and pick up John and drop the girls off at my parents house, get a blessing and I drove to the hospital and had a baby!  I know that I should not have been driving in my condition but I didn't realize that I was as bad as I was!
 July 21, 2012 Brothers forever but probably last 24th celebration!
 So cute!!! Harlo and Rachel
 Dick and Jean, Jeramy and Rachel, and Granney
 Pioneer days  Celebration!
 Brad doing a hoedown jig!
 Kevin and Thomas!
 What a cute bunch of kids!
 Ella giving the look that says "don't mess with me!"
 Sunday July 22, Gramps and Granney's 60th wedding Anniversary!  Harlo with sound asleep with his only grand daughter Ella!
 Awesome ride on the fire truck!
 Hethe and Katie with Hadyn and Noah!
 All the older kids!!
 Championship Swim Meet!  July 28,2012! Maryann preping for her heat!
 I am Speed! 
 Again with the posing!
 Awesome job Maryann!
 This is Wes Walton one of the coaches!
 Emma has a beautiful Freestyle and Backstroke!
 Maryann on her final heat for the day!  Very long day we got there at 7am and left at 6pm!
 Our family reunion at Island Park!! My MOOSE ELK!!!

 Two 6 point Elk grazing right next to us while we were eating lunch!

                                                  Hot Maryann at Mammoth!

                                         Logan and Thomas at Mammoth!
                                          This Buffolo Was right off the road!
 Further down was a whole heard!
                                         Drive drive drive all day long!!!
 Proof that John does actually drive!
 All the kids at old faithful!
                                              OOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
 John John with his momma Lousia!
                                                     THE CROCKETT FAMILY!

                                                       Nice hair Shawn!
                                      Lucy with her shoes on the wrong feet just so she she can walk straight!
                                Wonderful end to a wonderful day!
 Amy playing with her phone!
 Everyone playing in the water at Big Springs!
 Big Springs!

 Our fishing tournament!

                                                      OUR CABIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 We were really roughing it! we even had cable.
 John John playing in the mop bucket!

                                                             Emma and Jade!
                                                                Maryann sitting on John's lap
                                                                  Mom and Dad
                                                            Mesa falls in the background!
                                                  The kids posing for the camera!  even the biggest kid Shawn!!

                                                      Jasmine the puppy walking Lucy!
                                               John John eating his burger from Big Juds!

                                                    Thomas and Alyssa being goofy